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In the genre of science fiction, there are a lot of films that were made over the years all claiming to be the best. Not many were scientifically accurate if you understand the basic laws of physics.

I know most of us aren’t physicists like Mr. Neil deGrasse Tyson. However, I’m sure, while we were being entertained we could not help but wonder, “This looks cool and all, but, can this happen?” There are certain things you see in a Sci-fi movie and are amazed and wish it was real. Then there are other things you truly hope you’re not alive to even witness.

Joe Scott compiled some of the most accurate Sci-Fi movies made that could become part of our world in the near or distant future. Here’s the list:

While some of us are still waiting for the day when some of these technological developments come true, I’m sure we can all agree Sci-Fi movies capture the human imagination in ways that were once thought to be magic. 

So which movies are your favorite and the most accurate? If you’re in the mood for something interesting to watch should definitely check out some of these sci-fi movies if you haven’t already!