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THE FINALS: Compete and win to see who is best of the best.

Come check out this new game called THE FINALS; I promise you won’t be disappointed by the competitive destructiveness they bring to the table!



 THE FINALS gameplay 2023


THE FINALS, the world-renowned, free-to-play, combat-focused game show! Fight with your teammates in virtual arenas that you can modify, exploit, and even destroy. In this first-person shooter, customize your playstyle to win escalating tournaments and long-lasting fame.

The moment I saw gameplay of this, heck, even the trailer, the only thing I saw was that they merged overwatch and battlefield as one and THE FINALS was the baby born out of this fusion, it looked a bit like overwatch but also had battlefield destructiveness in fights and each operator had their own unique kit designated only to them. Although I am thinking of another game that this reminds me of, for the time being, Overwatch and Battlefield are the only two that come to mind. Still, when it comes to the destructive capabilities of this game, I get the impression that it has more destruction than battlefield, almost to the point where it reminds me of battlefield hardline.

I just remember it reminded me of Ready Player One, a 2018 movie, and the death effect where they burst into hundred coins gave me flashbacks of the movie. I’m excited to see how the game progresses and what will ranked, E-sports tournaments, meta-players, and so on. What would it be like? I already know that camping in buildings and on roofs is not going to be possible due to the game’s destructive capabilities, so I’m curious about what kind of mindset they’re expecting players to have now.

It also makes me wonder what kinds of unique modes, maps, and future operators would be like. I already found it interesting and kind of funny looking to revive your teammates when they look like a trophy sized object, and I also liked the fact that when it came to certain entries you didn’t want to hold what not a better way than cut off a flank spot by destroying that flank spot altogether.

So, to summarize, THE FINALS I am honestly looking forward to when it is released because I am confident it will be a good game. I can’t wait to try out all of the characters and compete to see who is the best.