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Electric planes were once thought to be a futuristic pipe-dream, however, they will become part of mainstream air travel sooner than you think.

Airlines have always been so dependent on the price of oil, but if we switch to electric planes, they will be less susceptible to changes in fuel prices. Electric planes have been in development for more than a decade now, but they’re finally reaching an age where they could be practical for commercial use.

What is an Electric Plane?

Electric planes are not to be confused with their gas-powered counterparts and are instead powered by batteries or fuel cells that power the electric motors. They offer a variety of benefits over gas-powered planes, such as reduced noise pollution, zero emissions at take-off and landing, and much longer flight times.

Benefits of Electric Planes

Electric planes have several advantages over gas-powered planes such as:

  1. They’re quieter and much cheaper to operate, with no need for oil changes or fickle jet engine parts.
  2. Since electric planes are powered by electricity, the engines are quieter and they don’t produce greenhouse gases as traditional aircraft do. They also don’t use a propeller which means less noise pollution for the environment in general.
  3. Traditional aircraft create so much turbulence that it causes them to have an unpleasant ride for passengers. However, electric planes produce very little turbulence which means it gives passengers a smoother ride and a better experience overall.
  4. Airports will also be able to take advantage of this technology because it will lower their operating costs due to electric planes being more efficient in terms of fuel consumption.

The only downside for the passengers is that the battery life in these planes would be much shorter than traditional planes. However, that may not be a downside at all since it could mean cheaper and more frequent flights for passengers.

Currently, research is being undertaken into what it would take to make them mainstream, including estimates of when the first flight may occur.

Wendover created a very interesting video making the case for electric planes to go mainstream. Definitely worth check it out above!

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Most Accurate Sci-Fi Movies Made

Check out some of the most accurate Sci-Fi movies ever made that could become part of our world in the near or distant future.



Some of the most accurate Sci-fi movies made

In the genre of science fiction, there are a lot of films that were made over the years all claiming to be the best. Not many were scientifically accurate if you understand the basic laws of physics.

I know most of us aren’t physicists like Mr. Neil deGrasse Tyson. However, I’m sure, while we were being entertained we could not help but wonder, “This looks cool and all, but, can this happen?” There are certain things you see in a Sci-fi movie and are amazed and wish it was real. Then there are other things you truly hope you’re not alive to even witness.

Joe Scott compiled some of the most accurate Sci-Fi movies made that could become part of our world in the near or distant future. Here’s the list:

While some of us are still waiting for the day when some of these technological developments come true, I’m sure we can all agree Sci-Fi movies capture the human imagination in ways that were once thought to be magic. 

So which movies are your favorite and the most accurate? If you’re in the mood for something interesting to watch should definitely check out some of these sci-fi movies if you haven’t already!

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Tesla Model S 2021 Refresh

Existing Tesla owners and new potential buyers have been waiting to get their hands on the 2021 refreshed Model S. Here are some new details.



2021 Refreshed Tesla Model S

Telsa EVs have been gaining popularity in the last couple of years. When they initially started with the Roadster, the company barely pierced the automotive market. However, as they added the Model SModel XModel 3, and the newly released Model Y, Tesla is becoming more of a household name–especially among the environmentally conscious. Since they announced the new 2021 Tesla Model S models earlier this year, existing owners and new potential buyers have been waiting to get their hands on the refreshed Model S. 

Ryan Shaw has a great video with new details on the Tesla Model S refresh, as well as when we can expect to see the Model S hit Tesla stores. Let’s check it out!

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Using Fiverr to Generate Over $300k

There are a growing number of people using Fiverr to generate over $300k per year doing what they love almost anywhere in the world. Learn How.



Making $300k per year with Fiverr

Nowadays there is no shortage of ways to make money at home with the skills you already have or new skills you can acquire in a short amount of time. One of the biggest platforms fueling the freelance economy is Fiverr. In fact, there are a growing number of people using Fiverr to generate over $300k per year doing what they love almost anywhere in the world.

So what exactly is this Fiverr we speak of? Fiverr is one of the world’s largest marketplaces where freelancers can provide digital services to consumers and businesses alike. The price of services freelancers provide varies from $5 to $10,000 with the ability to upsell faster turnaround time and better quality services. At any given point, their databases contain millions of gigs freelancers can secure to earn as much income as they can handle. 

Alex Fasulo $300 Fiverr Freelancer

The guys over at The Iced Coffee Hour interviewed Alex Fasulo , a Fiverr freelancer making over $300k per year off Fiverr gigs. Check out the interview above.

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