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Simple Tips for Living Happy Simple Tips for Living Happy

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Simple Tips For Living a Happier Life



Happiness is the essence of life and in search of it, people have scaled heights unknown and weathered storms untold. The search for happiness is obvious in a world that seems to have none in it. The happiness search is so intense that it is not just restricted to the walls of research institutions, the common man has experimented with drugs and other harmful substances in a bid to find, if it were only a few minutes of euphoria. What if there was a solution? How about if the solution was simple?

Viola, I give to you a compilation of simple tips on how you can go on to live a happier life:

Give sincere compliments

He who finds the sincere happiness of another will be happy himself, of course the law of karma works for happiness too. In a world where we dole out compliments because it is the politically correct thing to do, it would make a whole lot of sense to give only sincere compliments. That way the spirits of the fellow you complimented will be lifted and yours will be too.


No tip on happier life is ever complete without this on it. A favorite quote of mine reads; we don’t smile because we are happy, we are happy because we smile. That may not resonate well within you but if you intend to lead a happier life, you must learn to smile. This is in spite of whatever is happening around you. Find something that inspires you to smile always.

Say thank you more

Your happiness depends on the happiness of others, that is only a fact. How about you begin to inspire and well up that happiness in others instead of sitting and waiting passively for happiness to come to you? You should start saying thank you to even people who perform menial task and seem as though they don’t deserve it. The policeman who passes your car after charging you for over speeding. That doesn’t seem like a thank you occasion, right? But he was saving your life, so thank him with a smile.

Touch more

Words are fantastic, touch is powerful. I can’t recall where I found that saying or if there was ever one but it drives home my point. In your search for happiness, you should touch people more. Hug someone dear to you, hold your spouse hand when next you go for a walk, pat someone on the shoulder. These touches pass a million words and it doesn’t cost you anything, except that it elicits smiles from your lips.

Stay in love with mother earth

The ultimate bank of happiness that we can experience while on earth is the earth itself. That is why you must stay in love with mother earth. You can take a few minutes out in the early morning to watch the sun rise, it will curve your lips in a luscious smile.

Living happy is not so strenuous, you can do it because you deserve it. Live happy.