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Top 5 unheard of Japanime to watch in 2022 Top 5 unheard of Japanime to watch in 2022


5 Japanese Animations You Never Heard Of That Are Worth Watching

Here is 5 never seen Japanese Animations that will leave your interest piqued that you must check out!



Reincarnated as a sword Japanime 2022

Reincarnated As A Sword: This story is about a character called Teacher/Master, who reincarnated as a sentient magical sword. After reincarnating into a fantasy world, he travels on his own adventures to hunt down and kill monsters to level himself up, and later comes to assist the story’s deuteragonist, Fran, a young girl who is a beastman, who was once in slavery, after her captors and fellow beastmen are killed in an incident with monsters and she is left as the only survivor. He helps aid her to kill the monster and burned the slave permit to free her. Then, they start their journey as a duo. Fran is an adorable character and I can’t wait to see more. The anime started on October 5fth, 2022 and is going to have about 12 episodes on HIDIVE with the current episodes that are streaming now to be up to three episodes

Love flops Japanime 2022

Love flops: This anime is about a young boy who lives in a futuristic, or, surreal world. His name is Asahi. His story centers around several fated encounters: one being a girl he bumps into along the way to school; the second is another girl with green hair, who could be a spy, agent, or an assassin but turns out is a teacher; his third is another girl with brown that acts like an airhead; then the fourth is yet another girl being harassed by a robotic trash compactor; and the last, is a girl as well, in a interesting situation. What is more interesting, however, is that all of these events occur after Asahi watches a Fortune TV show that spoke about these exact events. It’s a very unique plot. It was released on October 12th, 2022, and will have about 12 episodes it currently has two at the moment.

the Eminence in Shadow Japanime 2022

The Eminence in shadow:

The Eminence in Shadow is about a young man who never wanted to be the hero of a story. or the villain that plagues others… instead, he wanted to be the phantom who exerts an enormous amount of power from the shadows. So he trained hard, and adopted many skills to the point of mastery, but even then, he never stopped training, and sought to acquire magic. That decision led him to his noticeably brief time in our modern-day world. He ended up getting hit by a truck and dying and reincarnated into a fantasy world of magic. There, he created his own story — literally. Everything came came out his mouth ended up happening for real and enemies that even people weren’t aware of became a real thing nevertheless the show is just getting started

Unlike some other Isekais, the protagonist of The Eminence in Shadow didn’t know the world beforehand but nevertheless invented his own story and path. Furthermore, he is comedic and a joy to follow in the story as it progresses.

The manga has up to 45-46 chapters but is still updating. As an anime, it started on October 5th, 2022, and will have a total of 10 episodes on HIDIVE it currently has three episodes

Pantheon Japanime 2022


This anime story is about a bullied young woman, named Maddie, who begins to receive messages in the form of emoticons from an unidentified number/person, which claims to be her deceased father in the Pantheon. She comes across a larger conspiracy involving singularity as she tries to find the truth. After Maddie’s mother sees her daughter texting this suspicious individual, she decides to investigate herself, and interacts with this person in the only form they’re demonstrating: emojis. However, when the person uses a set of emojis to relate to a poem only Maddie’s mother and father knew, the chat group is suddenly closed.

I wonder, did Maddie’s father actually come alive, did he become something different, or is it something else?. Pantheon started Sep 1st, 2022 and has up to 7 episodes on HIDIVE

Management of a novice alchemist Japanime 2022

Management of A Novice Alchemist: This is the story about Orphaned Sarasa. After her parents were murdered by bandits, she was dropped off at a friendly orphanage where she’ll meet an elderly female alchemist, who’ll become her mentor and guide. Luckily, Sarasa became a natural at the art, and continued to excel greatly. She faces many challenges but despite all of them, she continues chugging through, in order to fulfill her dream: to become the greatest alchemist around.

The anime started on October 2nd, 2022 and will have 12 episodes streaming on HIDIVE, it currently has 4 episodes streaming now.

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