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Top 4 Japanime to watch in 2022 Top 4 Japanime to watch in 2022


4 New Japanese Animations to Check Out This Fall

Here are four new Japanese animations coming this fall which should be excited for!



Blue Lock Japanime 2022

Blue Lock: This Japanese animation is based on soccer. It begins with the protagonist, a high school boy named Isagi Yoichi, who wants to be the best striker in the world but is holding himself back. After losing his match with his high school friends, he is invited to a training facility called “Blue Lock” that is designed to make the world’s best striker lead Japan into the World Cup, which has never been done before. However, what he doesn’t know is, this facility is not only centered around building your strength regarding soccer but also building your ego and turning you into a renowned and skilled narcissist on the field brutally, insanely, and efficiently. 

It’s a stunning anime, and it’s like a crazy upgraded version of Haiku. It was released on Oct 8th, 2022. The anime has two episodes now, and the manga goes up to 190-192 chapters. 

Chainsaw Man Japanime 2022

Chainsaw Man:

This anime is about a teenage boy named Denji, who lives his life as a Devil Hunter to pay off the debt his father dumped on him. In his childhood, he befriends a demon named Pochita, a devil dog with a chainsaw on its forehead. Despite his tragically poor life, he lived carefree mentally.

But, when Denji didn’t expect anything else to be worse than his back-alley life, he gets betrayed and brutally killed. Just as he was dying, he heard a voice calling out to him… his only friend, and pet, Pochita. Pochita sacrificed itself and merged with Denji’s body to heal him as well as make him a Devil for him to survive. With these new abilities, Denji avenges himself, and immediately afterward, meets a woman called Makima who embarks him on a completely new life.

It was released on Oct 11th, 2022. It currently has two episode and the manga leads up to 107 chapters.

Raven Consort Japanime 2022

Raven Consort: This anime is called Raven of the Inner Palace. It centers around a young, beautiful woman by the name of Shouxue, with the title of “Raven Consort ”. Despite her beauty, she is seen as an old woman by others who might not only curse you to death, but might also help you find lost things, and much more. The anime progresses with a young man, who used to be a ruined Prince but strangely became the emperor. After becoming Emperor, the boy wanted to meet the Raven Consort to find out who was the owner of a special earring. Shouxue refuses, but the emperor presses on. However, because of her birthmark, she forced the emperor away with magic. Despite her fussing, she does end up agreeing to help him; meanwhile, the emperor finds out an interesting secret… 

This anime reminds me of Nurarihyon. Every time the Raven Consort uses her powers, it’s like the Nura Clan, with the ink, flames, ice, etcetera. 

It was released on Oct 1, 2022. It currently has 3 episodes streaming on Crunchyroll and it’s novel version has up to 13 chapters under a second name called “Koukyuu no Karasu”.

My master has no tail Japanime 2022

My Master Has no Tail: This is about a character named Mameda, a female tanuki, which is a raccoon dog that can shapeshift into anything like gold, pots, and humans; their abilities are like a Kitsune.

Mameda is going to Osaka, Japan to cause a ruckus, despite being warned not to do so by Chief Tanuki, because their tricks often don’t work on humans. During her unsuccessful stay where her tricks don’t work at all, she encounters a lady disguised as a man. Little does she know that the woman, named Bunko, a Rakugo master, knows what she is, and helps her “cast magic” in the form of words, instead of illusions, in the form of Rakugo Rakugo is a form of yose, a form of Japanese entertainment. After meeting her and attending her plays, Mameda decides that she is going to become a Rakugo just like the woman she now calls Master.

The anime started on September 30th, 2022. And is going to have 13 episodes streaming on HIDIVE, right now it currently has three episodes at the moment and the manga has 24 chapters. It’s a good anime when I sat down to watch it my memory kept going to Natsume book of friends meets Meiji Tokyo Renka I like the feeling got when watching it like a ‘Homey storytelling’ type of anime. So, I am looking forward to more of this anime it’s already progressing well and I can already surmise that Mameda will deliver on her words on becoming the best Rakugo like she said would.

In conclusion, all four of these Anime’s are great and definitely worth watching this fall. They all have interesting plot lines that will keep you hooked and wanting more. So be sure to check them out when the rest of the episodes and manga’s chapters come out!

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