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Modern warfare 2 first impression 2022 Modern warfare 2 first impression 2022


First Impression on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

My Impression on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 an amazing game that you must check out after reading this you never know it might be the game for you!



Modern warfare 2 gaming 2022

When this game first started out, I was really excited because due to the previous modern warfare, the mechanics, the attachment process with each gun, as well as the maps, …and lets not forget ground war had it going for me. The majority of my leveling came from ground war and the remainder from standard multiplayer. But when rumors of a new Modern Warfare game came out, I was beyond thrilled. I actually started counting down the days or months until the beta arrived and I could play it. Of course, the multiplayer initially consisted of “The Rush,” which involves seeing which player can outflank the opponent the best or reach the center first to win. When the official game was out, I naturally headed straight for the campaign because playing the campaign first is a written rule I could never disobey. Of course, bunny hopping was still a thing in the beta, and I was absolutely crushing people with it.


Let’s simply say that Alejandro, Ghost, and Valeria are the game’s three best characters overall that I like. I adore them and to be perfectly honest, I really hope they add Valeria as a playable agent for multiplayer. The way the plot developed was just great, but what really gripped me at the conclusion of the narrative was “No Russian.” The only person who has a quote like that is Makarov, and the one question that has been ringing through my mind since is, “Why is this guy not dead?” Seriously, all the way back in the old Mw2, I believed he had passed away.  No matter how many times you kill this guy, he always gets back up and squirms away like a roach. 

 Makarov consequently took on the name “Immortal Roach.” In any case, the developers of Call Of Duty Modern warfare 2 really made care to shift the gameplay in a manner that punishes players who rush without a plan, …or a half-baked plan when we move from the campaign to the multiplayer portion of the game.


Timing and mobility are both essential for multiplayer success. Speaking of movement, bunny hopping has been eliminated. I was shocked when my attempt to bunny hop out of a corner resulted in just one jump, which led to my massacre. But I’m very sure there are youtubers out there coming up with innovative techniques to break movement and grab the upper hand. Even so, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is a brilliantly constructed game. If at all possible, I’d like to see some of the original maps from the original MW2.


Remember everyone, timing and movement are crucial in multiplayer gun-skill. Try not to hurry as much if you want to pull off nukes so you can boast to your friends or family that you struck one, and as always. Stay Frosty.