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Modern warfare 2 first impression 2022 Modern warfare 2 first impression 2022


First Impression on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

My Impression on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 an amazing game that you must check out after reading this you never know it might be the game for you!



Modern warfare 2 gaming 2022

COD Modern Warfare 2: When this game first started out, I was really excited because due to the previous modern warfare, the mechanics, the attachment process with each gun, as well as the maps, …and lets not forget ground war had it going for me. The majority of my leveling came from ground war and the remainder from standard multiplayer. But when rumors of a new Modern Warfare game came out, I was beyond thrilled. I actually started counting down the days or months until the beta arrived and I could play it. Of course, the multiplayer initially consisted of “The Rush,” which involves seeing which player can outflank the opponent the best or reach the center first to win. When the official game was out, I naturally headed straight for the campaign because playing the campaign first is a written rule I could never disobey. Of course, bunny hopping was still a thing in the beta, and I was absolutely crushing people with it.


Let’s simply say that Alejandro, Ghost, and Valeria are the game’s three best characters overall that I like. I adore them and to be perfectly honest, I really hope they add Valeria as a playable agent for multiplayer. The way the plot developed was just great, but what really gripped me at the conclusion of the narrative was “No Russian.” The only person who has a quote like that is Makarov, and the one question that has been ringing through my mind since is, “Why is this guy not dead?” Seriously, all the way back in the old Mw2, I believed he had passed away.  No matter how many times you kill this guy, he always gets back up and squirms away like a roach. 

 Makarov consequently took on the name “Immortal Roach.” In any case, the developers of Call Of Duty Modern warfare 2 really made care to shift the gameplay in a manner that punishes players who rush without a plan, …or a half-baked plan when we move from the campaign to the multiplayer portion of the game.


Timing and mobility are both essential for multiplayer success. Speaking of movement, bunny hopping has been eliminated. I was shocked when my attempt to bunny hop out of a corner resulted in just one jump, which led to my massacre. But I’m very sure there are youtubers out there coming up with innovative techniques to break movement and grab the upper hand. Even so, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is a brilliantly constructed game. If at all possible, I’d like to see some of the original maps from the original MW2.


Remember everyone, timing and movement are crucial in multiplayer gun-skill. Try not to hurry as much if you want to pull off nukes so you can boast to your friends or family that you struck one, and as always. Stay Frosty.

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COD Modern Warfare 2 vs Battlefield 2042 servers

The evaluation of two outstanding games Which game’s servers—COD Modern Warfare 2 vs. Battlefield 2042—are the fastest or smoothest?



Battlefield vs Modern warfare gaming

Modern warfare 2 gaming 3.0

COD Modern Warfare 2 vs Battlefield 2042:

Call of duty Modern Warfare 2 vs Battlefield 2042 servers, when it comes to these two big and popular games it brings in a lot of people’s attention. Gaming has been around for a while and will continue to grow even more. It all started with Atari then Nintendo came in, now we have Ps4, Xbox one, and PC gaming. So when it comes to online multiplayer games people tend to play them on their consoles which are Playstation 4 or Xbox One. But PC gaming is getting more and more popular each day, with that being said a lot of people play First-Person Shooter (FPS) games on their PC. Some of the most popular games are “Call of Duty” also known as COD and “Battlefield”. So in this blog we will be discussing and comparing these two games “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2” and “Battlefield 2042” servers.

When it comes to game types and modes “Modern Warfare 2” has a variety of them such as team deathmatch, capture the flag, and domination, ground war and Invasion. While “Battlefield 2042” has modes like all-out warfare, Hazard Zone, and Breakthrough. In team deathmatch it’s pretty self-explanatory you are on a team and the objective is to kill as many people from the other team, first team to reach the score limit or kill the most people wins. In capture the flag each team has a flag and the objective is to go into the enemy’s base and capture their flag while also defending your own, first team to capture the most flags or capture the most in a certain amount of time wins. In domination is when there are three different zones and the objective is to hold all three for as long as possible, whoever has the most points or hold all three zones for the longest amount of time wins. Lastly, Ground war and Invasion it is like a smaller version of all out warfare where as invasion you need to push the enemy back, ground war is like a bigger domination.

While in all-out warfare it is basically conquest but on a bigger scale, Hazard Zone is a mode where you have to find and defuse bombs while also fighting off enemies. Breakthrough is when one team is attacking and the other is defending, the objective for the attacking team is to capture all the points or eliminate the defending team. The objective for the defending team is to hold off the attacking team until their lives runs out.

Now with all of that put out there when it comes to lag or latency in each of these games modes, if we had to put Modern warfare 2 ground war/Invasion against Battlefield 2042 game modes like conquest or even rush. Due to battlefield having always been in the all-out warfare industry they have an one up on Activision for example on 2022, November 11th Veterans day a lot of people played Invasion/ground war at first latency started out okay but then it sky rocket to over 200 ping in the matter of minutes to the point Invasion/ground was practically unplayable the same thing happen with the smaller map games like TDM, Domination, Capture the flag, etc. I can’t recall a time when I was introduced to games as well-known as these without them having problems or glitches that might be exploited, in contrast to Battlefield 2042 where the servers remain stable despite the fact that there are bugs in the game. Still, compare to Modern warfare all out warfare to Battlefield 2042 its still smoother in a sense. Battlefield 2042 and Modern warfare 2 as close as someone would think them to be, Battlefield 2042 has a leg up on MW2 due to battlefield 2042 already being in the all out warfare industry for so long that they already know what to expect most of the times from all of the other trial and errors from the previous battlefields.

Even so, both games are top-notch, have their perks and drawbacks, highs and lows, and are continually being improved upon to become even better; it just takes some trial and error.

We can conclude that Battlefield 2042 has the upper-hand when it comes to latency and stability in all out warfare than Modern Warfare 2 due to battlefield doing this longer since September 10, 2002. It is safe to say, if you are looking for a more stable game with better latency then go with Battlefield 2042. However, given that COD: MW 2 is ratcheting up their competition, that doesn’t guarantee that battlefield is out of the woods either. Gaming is fun! Enjoy your experience no matter what choice you make. Happy Gaming!

Hope this helps. Good luck!

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The Mystery of One Punch Man: Where Did He Come From?

Finding out the origin of a tremendously powerful One Punch Man who lacks the ability to manage the strength he has developed through training and hard work?!



One punch man Origin japanime 2022

One punch man Japanime 2022



One punch man: Saitama is the protagonist of the Anime One Punch Man. He is a superhero with extraordinary strength who can take out his enemies with a single punch. But where did he come from? And how did he develop his incredible power?

Saitama was born in Japan and raised in Z-City. Not much is known about his early life, but it is clear that he was not always the strong and powerful superhero we see today. In fact, Saitama used to be a very average man. He had no special talents or abilities, and he worked a regular job as a salaryman.

One day, however, everything changed. Saitama had a fateful encounter with a powerful creature that nearly killed him. This event was the catalyst for Saitama’s transformation.

Saitama decided that he wanted to become a superhero, and so he began training incredibly hard every day. He worked out so much that his hair fell out, but his dedication paid off. After three years of intense training, Saitama had developed immeasurable strength. He was now able to take down his enemies with a single punch. He removed the limitations that he had on his human body via his intense training, as he puts it and became something beyond?

Saitama’s strength is so great that he often becomes bored in battle, as there is no one who can give him a challenge. This often leads to him losing interest in fighting altogether, as he sees no point in fighting if there isn’t anyone who can match his strength.

Saitama’s strength is both a blessing and a curse. It allows him to protect those who are weaker than him, but it also leads to him feeling isolated from the rest of humanity.

His great power also often leads to him causing collateral damage when he is fighting enemies. This can be a problem, as it often puts innocent people in danger. Still even so he is often able to save lives and protect the innocent and a lot of them at that.

In short, One Punch Man is an Anime that is about power, and how that power can be used for good or for evil. It is an Anime that will make you think about the true meaning of strength. All in all take with consideration that when it comes to Saitama he can be anything to us due to how overpowered he is. Still this Japanime is a very great one and even when it ends everyone will continue to remember Saitama and probably compare his power level to newer anime character creations in the future. To our overpowered, lazy hero.

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3 Unique Japanese Animations That Will Blow Your Mind

Here is three of the most intriguing Japanese animation ever created that will leave you daze and wanting to see more and laugh more!



Top 3 Unique Japanime to watch in 2022

Akiba Maid War Japanime 2022Akiba maid war: This Japanime is about maids… who are killers! The story begins with a head-maid getting shot by another maid multiple times, leaving everyone, including a maid called Ranko who was close to the head-maid, stunned. She vowed to never let a similar event happen again. Several years later, the main character, a girl named Nagomi, joins a cafe in Akihabara called the “Pig hut”, serving beside Ranko. The Cafe is normal by day… But at night, it’s violent underground world of kill or be killed. Can Nagomi, an innocent lamb, survive this secret life full of gangs, murders, and general craziness?!! This anime started on October 5th, 2022, and has up to four episodes.

Bibliophile princess Japanime 2022

Bibliophile Princess: This anime starts off with a noble girl named Elianna Bernstein as it’s protagonist. As a quiet, kind girl, Elianna hasn’t experience love or any faithful encounter for the majority of her life; because her one and true love… is books. That’ll change quickly, though. The Crown Prince asks for her hand as his fiancée for an engagement of convenience. She agrees with little resistance because he promises that she’ll have access to the Royal Library and she can read as much as she wants at his side. Elianna wasn’t interested in the prince at first, but over time, her feelings gradually bud into something wholesome and heartfelt as their relationship continues to develop and conflicts come their way.

With its beautiful illustrations and fairy-tale aesthetic, it gives off a similar vibes to the anime, Snow White With The Red hair. This anime came out October 5th, 2022, and is streaming on HIDIVE with four episodes. The manga has up to 37 chapters.

I've somehow gotten stronger when I improved my farm-related skills Japanime 2022

I’ve somehow gotten stronger when I Improved my farm-related skills: I’ve somehow gotten stronger when I Improved my farm-related skills: This Japanese animation is about farming. The protagonist is a young man named Al Wayne, who has farmed to the point that he unintentionally maxed out all of his stats. He realizes that in order to keep his crops and friends safe, he has to become a hero to fight off invaders. Later on in the story, because of his bravery, he is recognized by the Royal Kingdom’s Princess, and experiences many thrilling journeys, and interesting individuals as his tale continues to evolve. It’s definitely worth the watch. I mean, it’s not every-day a dragon gets shot down by a carrot. This anime came out on October 7th, 2022. It is streaming on HIDIVE with at least five episodes, while the manga has up to 29 chapters under the name of “Noumin Kanren no Skill bakka Agetetara Naze Ka Tsuyoku Natta”.

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