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Coronavirus Timeline: From Then to Now



 The world is still deep in the fight against the coronavirus (COVID-19) with some medical professionals saying the original forecast on confirmed cases and death may not be as high as originally predicted. While that may be good news to some extent the numbers are still staggering.

Below is an animated coronavirus timeline visualizing the number of confirmed cases worldwide from the beginning to now. As you’ll quickly come to realize, despite the medical projections being reported this virus is still a force to be reckoned with and may not go away so easily.

Overall timeline

Here’s a breakdown of cases reported by Country and day

Flattening the curve

Please do your part to minimize the spread of this virus and help flatten the curve.

Flattening the Coronavirus curve

Animated graphic on flattening the curve of the Coronavirus. Credit:

This will help our doctors, nurses, first responders, military personnel, and volunteers fighting the coronavirus on the frontlines in more ways that one.
Stay safe and healthy.

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