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Black panther Wakanda forever 2023 Black panther Wakanda forever 2023


A Full Adventure: Reviewing Black Panther’s Wakanda Forever

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 Wakanda forever 2023

The Black Panther: Wakanda Forever was a good movie in my opinion if I was only focusing on the high-power societies represented in the film, such as Wakanda and Atlanta. However, after revisiting Wakanda, I realized that they have made significant technological advancements. This is not to say that their previous technology wasn’t good; rather, it appeared that they had made it even more stunning and amazing than it had been. But even so, I had a soft spot in my heart for the Atlanteans because I thought they had something more to offer than the Aquaman Atlanteans in terms of creativity, technology, and manner of life. In any case, even though I like my boy Black Panther, aka T’challa, what he did in exposing his and his people’s secrets was a mistake.

This is because all countries are skilled at finding ways to exploit others in various ways, and by him doing so, they simply discovered a new resource for doing so. In addition, once he passed away and his mother, the New “Queen,” refused to give up their metal, one of the leaders of the country dispatched someone to attempt to steal it, which resulted in an anticipated failure. Following that, they received a warning not to do so again and to try to locate the special metal elsewhere. This brings me to my current favorite group of individuals, the Spanish Atlanteans. After the country’s failed attempt to steal vibranium, the countries searched elsewhere, primarily underwater to the domain of the Atlanteans king known as Namor.

Namor couldn’t figure out why Wakanda’s previous king T’challa revealed his people’s secrets to the world, so when he sought them out, asking very calmly and nicely that they resolve the mess the Queen’s son has made, he was met with harsh words to leave, and although I feel like this was all justified since the queen was still grieving in her own way silently inside, I personally would of sat down to talk with him to see if a deal could be made, and if they had done this the future battles Overall would’ve been prevented, All in all the Atlanteans were victims of this situation because they were content to mind their own business.

Either way Namor just wanted to protect his people and the Queen in my opinion shouldn’t have been in a Queen position because when grieving everything about calmness and logic gets thrown to the wind, still I love both of these people and this movie only shows how much deep down I miss watching Chadwick himself and how deeply he is miss and that is why when I saw the ending of that movie I was happy. Still some things if not all should have been avoided but even so it was a good movie and that’s fine. Wakanda forever!