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Top 3 Unique Japanime to watch in 2022 Top 3 Unique Japanime to watch in 2022


3 Unique Japanese Animations That Will Blow Your Mind

Here is three of the most intriguing Japanese animation ever created that will leave you daze and wanting to see more and laugh more!



Akiba Maid War Japanime 2022Akiba maid war: This Japanime is about maids… who are killers! The story begins with a head-maid getting shot by another maid multiple times, leaving everyone, including a maid called Ranko who was close to the head-maid, stunned. She vowed to never let a similar event happen again. Several years later, the main character, a girl named Nagomi, joins a cafe in Akihabara called the “Pig hut”, serving beside Ranko. The Cafe is normal by day… But at night, it’s violent underground world of kill or be killed. Can Nagomi, an innocent lamb, survive this secret life full of gangs, murders, and general craziness?!! This anime started on October 5th, 2022, and has up to four episodes.

Bibliophile princess Japanime 2022

Bibliophile Princess: This anime starts off with a noble girl named Elianna Bernstein as it’s protagonist. As a quiet, kind girl, Elianna hasn’t experience love or any faithful encounter for the majority of her life; because her one and true love… is books. That’ll change quickly, though. The Crown Prince asks for her hand as his fiancée for an engagement of convenience. She agrees with little resistance because he promises that she’ll have access to the Royal Library and she can read as much as she wants at his side. Elianna wasn’t interested in the prince at first, but over time, her feelings gradually bud into something wholesome and heartfelt as their relationship continues to develop and conflicts come their way.

With its beautiful illustrations and fairy-tale aesthetic, it gives off a similar vibes to the anime, Snow White With The Red hair. This anime came out October 5th, 2022, and is streaming on HIDIVE with four episodes. The manga has up to 37 chapters.

I've somehow gotten stronger when I improved my farm-related skills Japanime 2022

I’ve somehow gotten stronger when I Improved my farm-related skills: I’ve somehow gotten stronger when I Improved my farm-related skills: This Japanese animation is about farming. The protagonist is a young man named Al Wayne, who has farmed to the point that he unintentionally maxed out all of his stats. He realizes that in order to keep his crops and friends safe, he has to become a hero to fight off invaders. Later on in the story, because of his bravery, he is recognized by the Royal Kingdom’s Princess, and experiences many thrilling journeys, and interesting individuals as his tale continues to evolve. It’s definitely worth the watch. I mean, it’s not every-day a dragon gets shot down by a carrot. This anime came out on October 7th, 2022. It is streaming on HIDIVE with at least five episodes, while the manga has up to 29 chapters under the name of “Noumin Kanren no Skill bakka Agetetara Naze Ka Tsuyoku Natta”.

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