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Whimsical journey with Oni Slayer & The Immortal detective

Embark on the whimsical journey with Oni Slayer & The Immortal detective in their European escapade, where enchantment meets laughter!



Get ready for a thrilling journey as we delve into the mysterious realm of Oni Slayer & The Immortal detective. These two enigmatic characters have embarked on a quest like no other, traversing the enchanting landscapes of Europe. Join them as they unravel ancient secrets, battle formidable foes, and encounter unforgettable experiences in this enthralling European adventure!

Undead murder 2023  

Unraveling the Mystery: Oni Slayer & The Immortal detective Set Out on a European Adventure!

In a world where myths and legends come to life, Oni Slayer, a skilled warrior with unmatched determination, and Immortal Aya Rindo, a wise and immortal detective, have set off on an extraordinary voyage across Europe. The duo’s aim is to uncover the hidden truths in what happened to them only then that they can settled the other matter between themselves. But for that to happen they must follow the clues and crumbs that leads to a secret organization called the Banquet led by a person called Professor will they find the answers they are looking for once they find this group only time will tell.

My thoughts

Undead Murder farce was by far the most enjoyable anime ever, I like the fact that they tied in Japanese Folklore with kind of modern detective style that featured not only Lupin, Sherlock homes, Moriarty, Jack the ripper and other famous characters that are from actual history. But I’d have to say the character I liked most of all throughout the entire anime is definitely Tsugaru Shinuchi a former member of a special task force for exterminating Oni. In this anime Oni’s are the only creature’s that can kill other folklore monsters, no matter how immortal they think themselves to be and of course somewhere along the line the character I liked most ended up becoming half of what he was tasked to exterminate. My second favorite is the Immortal talking head, also known as Lady Aya a woman/creature that wants to completely die after surviving for almost 947 years. Honestly, I hope they continue with more of this anime, since with each episode they had me on the edge of my seat constantly expecting something good or even great to happen. Also, the detective work that is not only for humans, but also for monsters also had me thinking and doing a deduction of my own to see if I can figure out the mystery behind a crime even before the anime tells you what is what. Either way this anime is splendidly made.


In conclusion, Undead Murder Farce is a wonderfully and splendidly made anime and I am looking forward to more seasons and episodes if they are willing to do so. Also for those of you out there who enjoys, detective anime, but also still enjoys supernatural works this anime will definitely be right up your alley since Undead murder farce does a mixture of the two flawlessly so do not hesitate to check or watch this anime because it will not disappoint you!