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Top 5 recommended Japanimes to watch in March

Here are the top 5 recommended Japanimes to watch this coming march. I’m sure you’ll be interested in seeing it; it could even be a diamond in the rough!



  anime to watch this march

Eternal boys

This anime appears to be centered on a Mature Idol project that was put into action by a company called Manpuku entertainment productions as their last attempt to save the agency, which appeared to be on the verge of collapsing.

So these six high school boys will band together to save the company from bankruptcy, but it will not be an easy task to restore it to its former glory days; just like any other idol group, they will learn to dance, sing, bond, and become popular, which means a lot of selfies on Instagram. To be honest, I’m only mildly interested in watching because I enjoy the bonding phase between each member. Who knows, it might turn out to be the best anime I’ll ever watch, but for now, the boys are where it’s at. I’m excited to see how they shine, tackle, and overcome any problems that come their way, and if this anime piques your interest, go for it; you never know, it might not disappoint you.


Princess principle

The failed assassination plot against King Richard was just the beginning. Assassins have struck again, and the priorities of this team of white pigeons are divided between finding this deadly cavorite bomb and protecting Princess Charlotte’s sister Mary, the next in line to the throne.

Although I can’t go into detail, this anime is very interesting to me. I was expecting the king to be some old cranky, wise, or weird guy, or maybe he was evil, but he turned out to be a wise and young individual, which I appreciated, and the fact that there are young female teens instead of worrying about how they will dominate female society, they formed their own detective task force to get way ahead of normal adult detectives/authorities in cases and solve them. It’s as if I’m watching multiple Sherlock Homes and Moriarty in the form of young teenage girls, which is a plus. Other than that, the anime is well-rounded, leaving you thinking detective-like as if you’re solving the case yourself in your head.

Kinmoza! Thank you!

This anime is by far the cutest of the four girls. Alice, Shinobu, Aya, and Yoko are best friends. This is their final year of school, so they are making plans for the future, but they also have to prepare for the bus trip to Kyoto, which will be the best dream of their lives for one of the girls in particular because it will be her last adventure with her friends.

Now, unlike the other recommended Japanimes I previously mentioned, which all have episodes, this one is a 1hour long movie, so instead of flicking through episodes, you will be experiencing the long joyful ride with Shinobu and her friends. I’m curious to see what they plan to do on their adventure bus, who they’ll meet, if they’ll make more friends/contacts while there, or if they’ll get a better idea of what they want to do once their adventure is over. I’m excited to sit down and watch this anime, and if you like the slice of life genre, this might be right up your alley.

Ippon again!

In this anime, a girl named Michi gives up judo after suffering a humiliating defeat in the championship round. She then tells herself over and over again that she should never be able to participate in sports because of her social life, high school, and exams. To this, I would respond, “Never say never,” because giving up old interests is a normal part of growing up, whether it be judo, karate, basket ball, or soccer.

But once you’ve developed a passion and drive for each of those activities, you can’t turn it off or bury yourself under a pile of work to escape it. If that sensation persists, with your competitiveness on top of it there is no way anyone can say that they will never touch the sport they so love because 9 out of 10 times they will go and do just that.

So she will give in to that nagging feeling that keeps urging her to return to Judo, and once she does, there will be no turning back, and once the team that is right for her latches onto her, there will be no backing out, even if another part of her wanted her to, and regardless of whether it is a loss or a win, she and her team will push forward with each competition.

Endo and kobayashi live the latest tsundere villiainess lieselotte:

Their are two individuals that go by the name of Endo and Kobayashi; Endo likes baseball, while Kobayashi is more interested in playing otome games. Despite the fact that Kobayashi is essentially an expert at the story’s plot, she somehow persuaded Endo to play her favored otome game as they play the game she enjoys, the characters in the game, particularly the crown prince, hear their voices, but more so he was hearing Kobayashi who is fangirling over the villiainess however, because the crown prince was listening in on their conversation, he was able to pick up on the minor details that he had overlooked with his fiancee, thereby strengthening their relationship throughout the anime.

This anime reminds me of another anime that I can’t remember but was very enjoyable, I was sad when there weren’t any more episodes for it and to see this anime it gave off the same feel and I am looking forward to how Endo and Kobayashi tackle this together but especially Endo, because most of the time all I have seen is that normally it is the girl playing the otome games who dies and is reincarnated into the game or book they played/read, but this time this anime is much different where two friends male and female playing the game together and having fun but with a twist that being the characters of that game could hear them and worship them as gods is very interesting and I am looking forward to more. I hope these top five recommended Japanimes are to your liking otaku squad!