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Modern Warfare 2: Season 03 Reloaded Patch Notes

Come take a look at the Modern Warfare 2 Reloaded three patch notes, is it something you like or dislike, will it change the game as a whole, let’s find out.



Modern warfare 2

Are you ready to take your Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 gameplay to the next level? The latest patch notes, Season 03 Reloaded, offers gamers a fresh set of content and features to unlock as they battle their way across the battlefield. With improved weapons, better armor, more vehicles, and several changes to both multiplayer and single-player modes, gamers can expect an unparalleled gaming experience with this new update. Get ready to dominate the competition and upgrade your Modern Warfare 2 skills with Season 03 Reloaded. Read on for all the details about this exciting update! Here’s what to expect.

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  • Iso Hemlock is getting reduced damage to armor but that would only be for Warzone 2.0 only
  • Cronen Squal is getting reduced damage range
  • reduce headshot multiplier
  • a small increase in recoil in semi-auto mode
  • small reduction in its rate of fire when in semi mode
  • reduce maximum range against armor in warzone 2.0 only

Global bug fixes

  • They fixed some issues resulting with when players would see edit options for their secondary instead of their primary in loadout in-game match
  • They also fixed the issue with causing the “mute self” icon to appear incorrectly in channel list
  • An issue was fixed with one of the music war track causing it to be unavailable in the vehicle customization menu
  • They also fixed something that was highly annoying when some players on Santa Sena could get inside a geometry and under the Map in ground war pretty much making them unkillable even when you find them because you would have to reach the first “alive to do what they do to kill them.
  • Ranked play; An issue was fixed that allowed matches to cancel later than usual

Please keep in mind that the majority, if not all, of the information provided belongs to the Call of Duty website; if you want to learn more about what they added in the months leading up to now, go here.


In conclusion, I don’t think Modern Warfare 2 is doing enough. Don’t get me wrong, bug fixes help the game slightly, but I truly believe they need to think of more creative ways to capture players’ attention, and they need to start listening to them more. Because they are those days where they can easily agree to something only to do something completely different, and a lot of players are taking notice of that. At this point, modern warfare 2 isn’t like the modern warfare we all know the movement we used to gasp over and call someone crack over “is sluggish” and it makes me feel like a bunny trying to jump around with weights constantly tied to my feet, on certain maps some people are practically unkillable due to the glitch spot they’re in making it unfair to a lot of other people playing the game which is most likely having people look up to exploit the game in the same way. I believe Call of Duty must overcome many obstacles in order to regain the attention of its players, as most of them are simply playing the game for the sake of playing, as it has become unenjoyable at times, but that could just be me at the end of the day. Still, I’m excited to see what they come up with later; who knows, they might impress us or they might not; only time will tell.