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This year Apple announced its newest release of products for the 2021 iMac lineup. The new iMacs now come in a variety of vibrant colors and boast the M1 chip Apple brought to market back in 2020. Across the internet, tech enthusiasts, business analysts, and general consumers all expressed mixed feelings about these new iMacs.

Apple 2021 Colorful M1 iMac

Now that the iMacs have finally started shipping and are in the hands of some people, unboxings are starting to emerge. This gives us a better understanding of who Apple is targeting as the intended user for these iMacs, and whether or not, it’s all hype or real-world value.

MKBHD has a great unboxing and review video for the new M1 iMac you should check out if you’re interested in purchasing one or just want to get an unbiased view from a trusted source other than Apple.