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I’m in love with the villainess; Will her feelings reach?

The time for magic, magical creature’s, evil creatures and a quest for love in I’m in love with the villainess are you up for the long voyage ahead?



In the world of magic and monsters, heroes and heroines rise to the occasion, defying expectations and breaking stereotypes. And in the case of Rae, the protagonist of the captivating story “I’m in love with the villainess,” her journey of love is no exception. With an unconventional romance that defies societal norms and explores uncharted waters, Rae’s story is a breath of fresh air, reminding us that love knows no boundaries.

I'm in love with the villainess 2023  

I’m in love with the villainess

I have to say I’m in love with the villainess was a funny roller coaster ride and I have to say Rae Taylor is my most favorite character in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if she ended up being a lot of people favorite, the way she teases the villainess through out the episode’s of the anime had me grinning from ear to ear and always feeling a bit impatient to watch the next episode. Either way that’s enough of me talking about my likes for now or else I will continue going if I do not stop myself. 

Rae Taylor, formerly known as Rei Ohashi, and her love interest Claire Francois, the villain of her story and the daughter of the Dole Francois, are featured here. The Kingdom’s Finance Minister. Of course, I’d like to say more about the other characters, but I’d rather not since I’m afraid I’ll unintentionally reveal things.

Ohashi, Rei A former office lady is a woman who, of course, adored roleplaying games, and when she died, she ended up inside the game as the character the villainess is supposed to torment, assuming we stick to the original narrative of the game. She is supposed to be bullied by the Villainess to the point that she gains favor or pleasant interest from the three princes. But, of course, Rei Ohashi, now known as Rae Taylor, smashed that plot and turned it into a long adventures trial to follow her heart in loving the villainess who detests her with every fiber of her being and hoping that in the long run her emotions could be heard loud and clear how much she truly loves the villainess. Claire Francois, of course, Rae also adds it’s fine if she doesn’t end up having her affections returned since she appreciates the in-between she has with Claire already.

All I will say is this Rae is going to go on a lengthy, sometimes tiresome, humorous, delightful, and jaw-dropping voyage for quite some time until we, the viewers of this anime, witness any progress between the two and I do not see that happening just yet but I am in for the ride and I know when all of you start watching this anime that is going to be the same case as well, so all we can do is hope and see what happens between the two and if Rae Taylor feelings will definitely reach Claire Francois heart.


In conclusion, I’m in love with the villainess, is a great anime and I won’t lie, I honestly thought it wasn’t going to be very good for some reason, pleasant yeah, but jaw dropping amazing I did not anticipate at all and all I can say is Rae Taylor is my ultimate favorite character. I just love her so much and can’t seem to stop loving her and the humor in this anime that I know all of you will definitely love it, so don’t hesitate when watching this anime you might be surprised like me and love this anime just as much as I do, just know you will never be disappointed when it comes to this anime!