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Call of duty: Modern warfare 3 Beta

Welcome to Modern warfare 3 beta review; Where pain and gain are at your choosing, good luck Ghost gang out there, we’ll all need it!



Welcome to the world of Modern Warfare® III, where survival is not just a goal but a necessity. In this high-octane game, players must dominate the battlefield, unleash their inner warrior, and conquer the ultimate threat. With intense gameplay and cutting-edge strategies, Modern Warfare® III offers a thrilling experience like no other. So gear up, soldier, and get ready to survive and thrive in this epic battle.

Modern warfare 3 2023  

The pros of Modern Warfare 3

Mini map: I am so happy the old mini map is back although I do have to say we should of have this long before Modern warfare 3 came out, still I won’t complained over already spilled milk the fact that we are getting everything that we have been agonizing over in Modern warfare 2 since forever a good point in my book.

Movement: The movement in Modern warfare 3 is downright amazing although I feel like their is some improvements they need to add to it and it will only be slight improvements shows how good I favor the movement of this game.

Time to kill: I lost count of the many, many times where I got straight beam out of nowhere without being given the chance to runaway and not only that, I didn’t like the fact that shooting a slice piece of you whether it be your shoulders, foot, or even the buttocks gets you instantly dead. But, when I was playing Modern Warfare 3, it was either you lost the fight because you weren’t skilled enough or you won it because you were.

The devs/Creators: For short, they carefully listen to every piece of feedback we have given the devs/creators, and they put it to use. I am not sure how long this will last, and I am hoping it does, but for now, I will keep my fingers crossed on this one, because we never know when they will slip up again. In any case, they’re doing a decent job of genuinely listening to the community, or at least half of it, since the other half doesn’t know what they want because they moan about anything, big or little. 

The cons of Modern Warfare 3

Health Quantity: If I remember correctly, the health quantity for Modern Warfare 3 is 150, and I have to say that it is a little bit much. I cannot even begin to stress the amount of time I had to unload on one or maybe two people, only for the main one to actually run away when he should of been dead for a long time. This is something I believe they should address. If anything, 140 health is acceptable; it is still up there but OK, but maintaining it at 150 is a bit excessive, especially when you simply want to remove a person and quickly move on to the next or cover. But the health we got for the Beta made it rather tough; who knows whether they will correct it or not, but I am looking forward to some of the ideas they have for the game when it actually launches.

Covert shoes: Completely ineffective I’ve tried these shoes, and sure, they do cancel out your footsteps, making it easier to hear your opponents’ stomping elephant footsteps. But that’s all it accomplishes; if anything else, it doesn’t assist you since I can recall numerous occasions when I was drawing a flank with these shoes on and three adversaries were already gazing in my way, as if they were just waiting for this to happen. Of course, many people would argue that everyone anticipates the flank, but when it’s an objective base like search and destroy or domination, and I usually wait a bit before flanking, they will still find and wait for me. I had more fun playing with the shoes that allow me to slide and cancel quicker than covert, so I’m hoping they add something extra to those shoes to make it worthwhile.

 The weapons in general: Some of the weapons need some damage boosts because I felt like I was shooting my enemies with airsoft bullets half of the time. It’s like you shoot this one guy multiple times expecting him to call or yell out HIT but he doesn’t so he keeps playing the game, that’s how some of the guns in Modern Warfare 3 feel like.


In conclusion, I think Modern Warfare 3 is a terrific game that is off to a solid start, and I really hope they don’t mess it up. Some people are already predicting the game’s demise, and I can’t blame them given Call of Duty’s track record of not listening to half of the community, among other things. But, overall, I am quite enthusiastic to play Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, albeit I am more excited to play the campaign than the multiplayer, as I prefer to play the campaign first and then the multiplayer. Still, we must wait and watch how this flow develops; you never know if they will surprise us or not; only time will tell. So, if you want to try the game when it comes out, go for it; if you don’t want to try it but simply want to watch others play, that’s also OK. Remember that whether or not to play this game is and will always be your decision, not someone else’s, so do so at your own risk. It was a joy, Ghost crew; good luck in the dark.